Spring awakening 2022 News from the CEO

Greetings to Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Board Members and fellow Survivors

Dr. Jacqueline Maurice Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Spring Equinox 2022

I recently came across the following passage which very much signifies the change of seasons and Spring:

Few things can dominate nature when she is about to make a change. Relentless and determined, she has a plan and it may take a few runs before the door is slammed on winter - but it is coming quickly. A subtle greening has begun in sheltered places. The wild rose canes laid flat by cold winter winds are no longer gray. Purple striped dayflowers and tiny four petal blue-eyes blue profusely with a minimum of sunlight and warm air. The wild strawberry known to Cherokees as a ni, has put out new leaves, and we see the eternal miracle that never grows old - the new baby calf. When frost put down the flowers and stop the birds from singing last Fall, Spring seemed far away. Now she is knocking at the door, and if we answer her with seeds she will hide again. But not for long. We just need a little time to prepare. If we are to see it at all, we must begin now. We were content to let things remain as Great Spirit has made them. Chief Joseph Reference: A Cherokee Feast of Day. Joyce Sequichie Hifler. 1992.

When I reflect on our journey as Sixties Scoop Survivors, I think of the winter that was - cold, unpredictable, bringing the winds of uncertainty and feeling bare of any stability, belonging and connections. Yet with determination, strength, courage and resiliency, the gentle winds of Spring begin to melt the unforeseeable lived experiences of being a part of the Sixties Scoop. And while at first, feeling foreign, we begin to feel comfort, warmth and emotional, mental, physical, relational and spiritual renewal .... a profound thawing with a trickle that has led to a journey of Health, Healing and Wellness.

As the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation (SSHF), I realize that renewal also extends itself to the powerful mission of accompanying Sixties Scoop Survivors, their Families and Descendants on their healing journey. The Spring trickle which eventually turns into a stream is covered by a protective mantle - a Bridge. It is a Bridge constructed of Cultural Reclamation and Re-unification, Holistic Wellness Services, Advocacy, Commemoration and Education. Like the Cherokee reading, we as Sixties Scoops Survivors just need a little time to prepare and, allow Ourselves, Families and Descendants experience the renewal, change and transformation which is a by-product of Health, Healing and Wellness.

This Spring, may all Sixties Scoop Survivors, their Families and Descendants experience renewal no matter what that renewal can change has in store.

Protect and,
Now with
Gifts of Health, Healing and Wellness

Humbly Submitted, Dr. Jacqueline Marie Maurice Spring Equinox 2022.